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Are you ready to make a change? Total Life Changes Health & Wellness is dedicated to helping its clients meet their wellness goals -- from the inside out -- through its fitness classes, educational seminars, and motivation! It is our goal to provide clients with the tools necessary to empower them to live a healthier lifestyle!

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Like many, my weight – and maintaining it – has been a constant struggle.  From as far back as I can remember I was always a “big boy.”  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until my mid to late 20’s that I started to take some interest in my health and wellness.  I remember it like it was yesterday; it was a proud moment!  My sister (Maureen) and I took that first step; deciding to join a local gym, Bally Total Fitness.  I was pretty consistent for a while but somewhere along the way I fell off.  I found myself paying for a membership that wasn’t being used and not taking advantage of all of the amenities the gym had to offer.  I think part of why I slacked off was intimidation.   I was intimidated by the large, unfamiliar gym equipment, guys with nice “beach bodies,” and classes I thought I could and would never be able to get through.


It wasn’t until a year or two after joining the gym that I realized working out could actually be fun and rewarding, especially if done on a regular basis.  If I had only figured this out earlier!  I soon began to invest in myself and enlisted the services of some awesome trainers (Antoine Edwards (Watch Me FLEX Fitness), Reggie Russell (Enhanced Training Champions), and Aaron Lindsay (Fitness Theory). I and also started taking some of the classes offered at the gym.  I selected classes I thought would not only be fun but would also be a challenge.  For me, those classes were Advanced Step (Michelle Gibson, Representing Women of Figure/Howard Harriston), Double Step (Howard), Conditioning Training (Howard), Boot Camp and Combination Training (Michelle), and Freestyle Jump Rope (Michelle).   Each of these trainers/fitness professionals taught me a lot and have, in some way, shaped and molded me into the fitness professional I have become and still aspire to be.  It is because of the seeds they planted that I have developed a passion for health and wellness. 

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